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Marley Desinord

13-year old DJ MARLEY

DJ Marley, better known as Marley Desinord, is from Pompano Beach, Florida. Marley was born on June 21, 2010.She began Dj'ing at just the age of 7 years old when she was only in the 2nd grade. She has performed for the Miami Dolphins at HardRock Stadium during halftime, and is a regular guest DJ for the Miami Heat. She has worked with DJ Khaled, The Black Eyed Peas, and Disney. 

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While most elementary school students are just learning the fundamentals such as reading and writing, or doing last-minute homework corrections in the hallway, Marley Desinord has been rocking crowds as big as 60,000 since she was 8. - Nile Fortner, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Amazing little girl that inspires many younger kids 



Marley Desinord, an 11-year-old musical genius, her drive to succeed in a highly cutthroat industry has allowed her to materialize her vision despite the glaring age gap 

- Digital Journal



DJ Marley Desinord, an 11-year-old turntable whiz from Pompano Beach,


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